Balance & Stability Program

Updated on Monday 24/10/2022

This FREE program is for individuals who are having issues with their mobility. The requirements for the program is that you are able to mobile your self around the stations without assistance. If you don’t feel confident standing while doing the exercises then chair based options are available.

A program consists of 8 classes taken once per week with each class lasting for 1 hour. Each class is taken by a qualified exercise instructor who uses a series of light circuit exercises to strengthen joints and enable better stability. A canny way to socialise with a cuppa and biscuit after for a nice treat after exercise.

Anyone can self-refer themselves to this program.
We do offer a transportation service if you are unable to make it to our site on your own.
We do have a limit on the number of people who can attend the program so …

For more information, to book, arrange transport (if needed)
please call: 0191 456 6903
or email (with Subject: Balance and Stability)

Start dates:
Tuesday 28th June
Tuesday 30th August
Tuesday 25th October

Balance and Stability flyer