Our Sessions Update 02

Updated on Wednesday 07/09/2022

Quick update on what some of our groups have been up to recently.
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Best British Beaches

Ok perhaps nothing do with our Sessions BUT … on Sunday July 2nd The Sunday Times had an article on the ‘50 Best British Beaches‘ and Sandhaven beach at South Shields was the WINNER, is it a coincidence that our Wednesdays Mens Group were out with Seascapes last month doing a beach litter pick?.

Veterans Brunch Club

Stanley attends our monthly Saturday morning Veterans Brunch Club. Today (2nd July) he was presented with a crocheted scarf (made by Debbie) which is in the colours of his Falkland Island medal.

Stanley, who is 89 years young, was a member of the Royal Fleet Auxillary, serving onboard the RFA Fort Austin during the conflict. The ship was used to carry not just supplies but also soldiers who fought in the war. Forty years on and Stanley still remembers the two captured Argentinian soldiers onboard the ship and how he had to serve them. As he says “they were treated right”.

Our Wednesday Men’s group

Mens Group Beach Tidy

The Group met with Sarah Campbell and Louise Harrington from Explore SeaScapes and took part in a beach litter pick. They concentrated on the area around Trow Rocks, surrounding grassland and footpaths. The bag were filled with lots of plastic bottles, cans and glass from leftover parties. They all enjoyed their afternoon in the fresh air and they finished off with a well deserved ice cream from Minchella‘s

Talking about the group. this is from a while back but I don’t think it was put on the website…
One of them, who wishes to remain anonymous (and we respect that, he’s called Artie) is a bit of a budding poet. A copy of the poem is shown below, when he read it out he was given a hearty round of applause and congratulated in appreciation of his talent.

Arties Poem
Emma and Queenie

To finish off, here is a picture of the lovely Emma who won “Queenie” in our jubilee party raffle.

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