Our Sessions Update 03

Updated on Saturday 10/09/2022

Quick update on what some of our groups have been up to recently.
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Thank you The Maltings

Happy Kieth

A HUGE thank you to The Maltings and their customers. ACTS were their charity of the Month for July, and they managed to raise a fantastic £155. That’s Keith on the left looking very happy having collected the donation. Rest assured the money will be well spent supporting the over 50s of South Tyneside.

Get yourselves along to the Maltings (9a Claypath Lane, South Shields), there’s lots going on with cash prize quizzes, chances to win drinks vouchers and possibly free pizza!

If you are a Pub, a club or an organisation that would like to help ACTS in a similar way:
please call 0191 456 6903 and ask to speak to the Fundraising Worker
or email: (Subject: Fund Raising

Our Wednesday Men’s group

I might have to rename these posts as “Wednesday Mens Group Update” or as they appear to prefer ‘Broony’s Bonny lads do stuff’ :-). Well done to the group, their guest ‘speakers’ and of course our ACTS volunteers for making the most of their weekly sessions.

Mens Group Stoned

27th July
This week Alison Brown (the group leader?) decided they were going to have a chilled afternoon painting pebbles. After an initial lot of grumbles and complaints, and once they got the pens to work, the men each got into their creative flow producing some great designs. The group discussed having a name for them and due to copyright laws, Mrs Brown’s Boys was rejected. Rob came up with a name which they all liked. So it’s goodbye to the Wednesday men’s Group and hello to Broony’s Bonny lads. [never mind copyright laws surely ‘Bonny Lads’ is against the Trades Description Act.. ed]

20th July
The Group were visited by Leah and Kerry from the Cancer Awareness Team. They spoke to the men about looking after their bodies and gave advice on the signs of different cancers which mainly effect men. There was some serious topics covered in the discussions which were also mixed with some light hearted humour. A huge thank you to the ladies for coming along to the group and we’ll definitely be checking our bodies in the future.

During the afternoon, one of the members William ‘Bill’ Hall was presented with a scarf to thank him for his service during the Falkland islands conflict. He served with the Royal Fleet Auxillary onboard the ship the Sir Lancelot. The scarves are crocheted by a group of women, some of which were children on the island during the war and are made in the colours of the South Atlantic Medal ribbon. Needless to say Bill was quite overwhelmed when he received his scarf.

MensGroup Bill Hall scarf

7th July
This week’s men’s group were visited by Rosey Tarbit from Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service. She gave the men (and staff) lots of useful information regarding fire safety around the home. The group were given a handout on Night Time Safety which included advice on how to keep our homes safe whilst we sleep. The main point though was to check smoke alarms at least once per month and if anyone needs an alarm, these can be installed free of charge by contacting the fire service on 0191 4441827.

The Gardening Group

Gardening Group at Green Fingers

A big thank you to the staff at Green Fingers Garden Centre who welcomed the Gardening group and looked after them during their recent visit. It was so nice to wander around looking at the beautiful plants and flowers in the glorious sunshine. We’ll definitely be back.

The History Group

History Group Discovery Museum II 0

Our History group paid another visit to The Discovery Museum. This time they learnt all about the museums history, were even allowed behind the scenes and given a private tour of the costume store, everyone had such a great day. So a very big to the thank you to the museum staff for providing an amazing trip to their museum.

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