Our Sessions Update 05

Updated on Sunday 13/11/2022

Quick update on what some of our groups and ACTS have been up to recently.
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Well done Kieth

Kieth GNR

This is Kieth, one of our staff, who completed the Great North Run in under 2 and a half hours!. Very well done to him and to all the other GNR participants who raise so much for charities.

Thank you to all who sponsored Kieth, your donations all go to improving the lives of the older people of South Tyneside.

South Shields Mens Group – Meet the Reptiles 🙂

No, no the group aren’t reptiles but they did have close encounters with some (squamates to be a tad more precise), a few Cavia porcellus and a gastropoda as well !. We are very much obliged to Angela of Angela’s Ark for bringing the beasties along to frighten entertain the group.

Mens Group meet the Reptiles 5
How to knot a snek, beginners class

Mens Group meet the Reptiles 8
umm.. Lunch
Mens Group meet the Reptiles 15
Brian ( from the Magic Roundabout)

As this group provides so may so many images they’ve now got their very
own Gallery.

The Shack Mens Group

Here we have some of the member of the Shack (at Boldon Colliery) Mens Group demonstrating the noble art of Pool.
The group meets every Wednesday between 1:30 to 2:30pm (you can stay longer) to enjoy games of pool, darts dominoes etc. and perhaps a pint and a chat.

(Being an ex Boldon lad I have happy memories of the Shack, my uncles club, and the Big Club my grandads club of choice – ed.)

Shack mens Group 1

History Group

Our fortnightly History group have been enjoying themselves.

History Group Archives Exhibition

Luckily their regular meeting, on the 16th Sept., coincided with the heritage open day at South Shields Museum. They had a good inspection of the “Pushing the boat out” shipbuilding exhbition hosted by Tyne and Wear Archives.

A few days later some of them had a trip to the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle to have a shufty at the magnificent Lindisfarne Gospels.

history group LaingGallery 0
The North East’s Lindisfarne Gospels
history group LaingGallery
At Laing Art Gallery

Some members were also given a fantastic tour of Arbeia Roman Fort in South Shields. Many thanks to Jim for being our very knowledgeable guide and, again, the Tyne and Wear Archives for making it happen.

History Group Arbeia (7)

Ladies Social Group

Ladies Group

Here’s Kieth again, in his role as a link worker instead of a Great North Runner!. On the 16th Sept he was on hand to give our Fridays Ladies Social group information and advice regarding energy bills, how to save money on those bills and what help is available from the Government.

On the 23rd Sept our Fridays Ladies Social group met at the STEP Project and took part in making their own cards – the picture shows a fine example of a DIY card.
There were a few new faces in the group and still capacity to take more on if anyone would like to join!.

Ladies Group STEP 1

Gardening Buddies

Gardening Buddies 1

Our Wednesday Gardening Buddies are continuing with the fantastic job of wrangling the garden (next to the Millenium Phab Club in Jarrow) into a place that they can be proud of and visitors can enjoy.

Gardening Group Quiz

Well done to Clifford the quiz winner and Anne the runner up, for finishing top in our (oddly enough) gardening quiz. As well as quizzes the group have days out to gardens/gardening centres and in house guest speakers. The group meets monthly on a Saturday.

Gardening Quiz Winners

Our Allotments are Growing !

New allotment in Jarrow

This September we have the start of a new allotment in Jarrow.

“The goal for this project is to ensure that any and every individual can provide a contribution, by enabling the site to have the appropriate accessibility and allowing for the plot to become a sensory garden, for any disabilities, inabilities, and for all individuals alike. This is a fantastic opportunity to fill your day by being outdoors, getting stuck in and being productive.”

Big Thank you’s to South Tyneside Council for donating the allotment, Cumbria Waste for the hard work their staff did in converting the ‘jungle’ into a manageable plot, and to Terri McLoughlin the Allotment Association Chairwoman who will be able to provide advice and guidance to the allotment novices amongst us.


And then there were 3

Souter Allotment 3 1

On Friday 23rd Sept our Souter Lighthouse group were given the welcome news of a being given another plot at the lighthouse, we now have 3. The group were soon hard at it clearing weeds and readying the plot for winter planting.

O We now have 4 allotments, 3 at Souter Lighthouse and the one in Jarrow mentioned above, we’ll be posting more details on these soon
O There is the weekly (every Wednesday) Gardening Buddies session at Jarrow … and
O The monthly Gardening Club, less hands dirty more listening to talks and visiting gardening centres
So …

If you would enjoy gardening, in a great environment, with a new, welcoming and social set of people, then either:
phone ACTS on 0191 456 6903 and ask to speak to Alison Brown
or email (Subject: Gardening)

Remember ACTS can work with you to get something going in your area; if you’ve always fancied having a local history group, or a crafters session, or some Pilates, contact our Community Development Team ( phone: 0191 456 6903 ) and they’ll help you to get it going, by advertising, finding a place to meet, finding a group lead if needed and anything else which will help you to get what you want going on your own doorstep.

See Our Sessions Gallery for more images.