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Our Sessions Update 06

Updated on Wednesday 21/12/2022

Quick update on what some of our groups and ACTS have been up to recently.
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Souter Allotments

Souter Allotments 11 2

The Souter Allotment group have been working exceptionally hard since the open day in August. Not only have they managed to clear the initial two plots but also the additional two the National Trust have allocated to the group. The group tend to the plots whenever they feel like going to the Lighthouse and are now regular visitors. The idea behind the allotments is to get members of the community, out into the fresh air, doing something they enjoy doing and meeting likeminded people.

The group also met with the National Trust facilities manager and one of the volunteer rangers, Natalie. It was an interesting meeting and the group were given lots of information on how to best look after the four plots. With the winter months approaching the group are working on keeping the plots clear of weeds and looking to re-plant some of the bulbs which had been dug up. They are doing an amazing job on the plots in all sorts of weather.

Arts & Crafts goes Christmassy

For the next few sessions our weekly Arts & Crafts group are dedicating themselves to crafting Christmas items. Pass the tinsel and I’m away.

Gardening Group

Gardening Group 5-11 2

HUGE thanks to Vanessa and the lovely staff at Green Fingers Garden Centre in South Shields. The monthly Group visited the garden centre and were given a demonstration on wreath making by Vanessa. It stirred a lot of interest in the workshops the garden centre are hosting in the run up to Christmas.

At the end of the demonstration Vanessa & staff kindly donated the beautiful Christmas wreath to Age Concern.

History Group

History Group Hancock Museum 1

The fortnightly Group had a fantastic Friday afternoon exploring The Great North Hancock Museum ! We stepped back in time to discover more about Ancient Egypt, the Roman occupation of our area and some natural history. We even managed to have a visit to the planetarium.

Thank you to Joanne Charlton from Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums for a great afternoon.

Ladies Group

Ladies Group 4-11 a

The ladies got together for a chat, a cuppa and a bit of a craft morning.  Their inner creative selves came flooding out and they produced some lovely bits of work.  One of the ladies painted a beautiful poppy on a pebble, very apt for remembrance day.

Ladies group Camcer info

The previous Friday the group were visited by Julie Stephens who is a Community Development worker with Healthworks. She spoke to the group about the different kinds of cancer which can affect women, advising them on the signs and symptoms to look out for. The session was very informative with lots of questions being asked and personal stories exchanged.

Mens Group South Shields

Editors note:
I have had a chat with the lawyers regarding the groups’ preferred name for themselves i.e. Broony’s Bonny Lads,
and they reckon that we could be had up for using the word Bonny in this context!

The group had two sessions to showcase their undoubted (by them) ceramic skills. The first session was dedicated to the making and the second to the decorating

The group visited the South Shields Museum & Art Gallery for the shipbuilding exhibition. A couple of the men had worked in the Tyneside shipyards and were able to pass on their experiences to the others whilst some of them had relatives who’d also worked there.

Thank you to Adam Bell from Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums for his help in making the visit possible and chatting with the group.

Wednesday Mens Group South Shields Museum 1

Remember ACTS can work with you to get something going in your area; if you’ve always fancied having a local chess group, or a crafters session, or some Pilates, contact our Community Development Team ( phone: 0191 456 6903 ) and they’ll help you to get it going, by advertising, finding a place to meet, finding a group lead if needed and anything else which will help you to get what you want going on your own doorstep.

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