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Welcome to our Jungle !!

Updated on Saturday 15/10/2022

Following on from the successful launch of the two allotments at Souter Lighthouse ….

South Tyneside Council have kindly allocated an allotment (Plot 45) within Harrison’s Field, Jarrow to Age Concern Tyneside South.
The purpose of the allotment is to encourage South Tyneside residents to come along and spend time in the open air, pottering around the site whilst doing some gardening or maintenance as well as an opportunity to socialise with others. The goal for this project is to ensure that any and every individual can provide a contribution, by enabling the site to have the appropriate accessibility and allowing for the plot to become a sensory garden, for any disabilities, inabilities, and for all individuals alike. This is a fantastic opportunity to fill your day by being outdoors, getting stuck in and being productive.

Terri McLoughlin, is the Allotment Association Chairwoman at Harrison’s Field and is looking forward to working with ACTS. Hopefully, she will be able to provide advice and guidance where needed to those allotment novices amongst us.

ACTS is in partnership with Cumbria Waste, a corporate organisation, to provide a group of staff to clear the plot and provide the clients a starting point to build and maintain it.

We are delighted to be working in partnership with Age Concern in creating an environment for the local community of South Tyneside to enjoy being outdoors, which as we all know, is important for people’s wellbeing and mental health. We’re looking forward to helping Age Concern in delivering this project and working more broadly with Gateshead and South Tyneside Council’s with other community projects”

Brian William, the Commercial Director of Cumbria Waste Group

Operation Jungle Day One took place on Tuesday with staff from Cumbria Waste Group. They made a start clearing the allotment and thankfully the weather kept nice for most of the day. As you can see from the photographs below the guys made a great start and managed to keep the elderberry and blackberry bushes plus the plum tree.

We are looking for volunteers to help improve the ‘jungle’ that is Plot 45 but also to attend regularly whenever you need that bit space and time out. We also want to make the plot a safe and secure environment for those attending.

For further information about the project and how you can become involved:
Please call 0191 4566903 and ask to speak with Alison Brown
or email (Subject: Jarrow Allotment)

The Jungle before:

The jungle Cleared – well done and thanks to everybody concerned for all for their hard work:

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Selfies are compulsory
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Hi Vis – don’t know the other ones name
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Job well done
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There was pruning
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Now what do I do with it
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a pile of work
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What a difference 🙂