Here are files we believe are useful enough for you to have your own copy. In particular The Little book of Big Scams 5th Edition  is something we think is definitely worth having.

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Information on our Services

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Getting Fit ( has links to other useful resources )Getting Fit Cover

Alzheimer's_Society_logoWhat is Dementia
Contains valuable information regarding dementia and contacts for relevant, useful organisations.

General Information

The Little book of Big Scams 5th EditionLittle Book Of Scams cover (from the North East Regional Special Operations Unit of the Police) Find out about all sorts of scams and how to keep yourself safer online and at home.

Nightime Fire Safety ChecklistNightime Fire Safety Checklist (.jpg) From the Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue Service.

Pension Credit leafletPension Credit Information Leaflet (.jpg)
ACTS can help you with  pension credit.
See What We do for the full range of our services.

Communicating with a deaf Person – LeafletDo's & Dont's when communicating with a deaf Person - Leaflet (.jpg)