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Home from Hospital

Home from Hospital provides practical and emotional support to older people when they are discharged from hospital. Reablement support is provided for up to six weeks to rebuild confidence and promote independence. Services include exercise at home to improve mobility, relaxation sessions, light meal preparation and escorting people to and from appointments.

Our Handypersons install various types of aids and adaptations, supply and fit key safes, fit stair rails and grab rails, level door threshes, install toilet frames and much more.

We can support you to protect your independence and reduce your risk of falling. Our handypersons will provide a free assessment to fix identified problems in your home. We can also:
• Remove any hazardous objects or furniture that may cause an obstruction.
• Hang photos or put up curtain rail.
• Check carpets are firmly attached to the floor.
• Remove rugs or attach non-slip backing.
• Encourage the use of additional lighting or fit light bulbs.

Examples of the work we have carried out include:
• Lengthening the cord on a set of blinds to enable an older person who is wheelchair bound to reach, reducing their risk of injury.
• Fixed a broken cupboard door at the foot of the stairs to prevent it from swinging open, removing a hazard.
• Fixed a set of kitchen drawers to prevent them from spilling their contents over the floor.
• Lowered a cupboard to prevent an older person from falling when stretching too high to reach kitchen equipment or food.
• Checked and cleared paths to make sure access is kept clear to reduce risk of falling.

We also carry out odd jobs for a small charge as and when requested.

Please call 0191 456 6903 or email.